Din Tai Fung



Never really been to a “pure” dim sum place before, so was really looking forward to try one. We selected to try Din Tai Fung at Marina Bay Link Mall. This Taiwan originated chain has places all over the world and some of them has even been awarded Michelin star. In Singapore alone they have more than 15 branches.

We had to queue a bit to get in, but meanwhile you can tick your choices from the menu. We took oriental salad and sliced duck in spring roll pastry for starters. For “mains” we concentrated to steamed buns and dumplings. Buns were filled with chili crab&pork and vegetables. For dumplings we got shrimp&pork, crab meat&pork and chicken. All really tasty, steaming hot and freshly made. Chicken was definitely my favorite.

Dumplings cost about 1-1.5 SGD / piece, sold in baskets or 6 or 10 and buns are 2 dollars up, sold individually in basket of three.


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