Q: What’s with the empty plates?

A: Tons of food pictures on the Internet. And food is usually best to be eaten right away. So not wasting time of taking a picture of it first.


Q: Do you take picture of each empty plate?

A: No, only the ones that “deserve” it. Food was good, or if not that good, other things (venue, atmosphere, service, etc.) compensated the whole experience. In general, if I would go again, a restaurant deserves to be featured on this blog.


Q: Does the plate need to be empty?

A: Not always. Sometimes there can be just too much food to eat.


Q: Why don’t you rate the restaurants?

A: I just want to share nice experiences around eating out. Not necessarily rank them.


Q: Is this somehow relared to #DonateYourDinner? (https://www.unicef.org.au/blog/news-and-insights/october-2016/empty-plates-on-instagram-donate-your-dinner-donateyourdinner)

A: No, I just got an idea of this when eating at Mikko Utter’s (see first blog post). But go ahead and donate to Unicef! (donateyourdinner.org)