Pizzeria Luca

Helsinki, Finland


This quite recently opened pizza place got award for best pizza place in Northern Europe (https://www.50toppizza.it/en/premi-internazionali-2018/), so had to try it out.

Place was quite full and being in a bit of hurry, I asked first how long it will take for a pizza. They promised 20-30 minutes, which was fine for me. Estimate was quite accurate and after 25 minutes I got in front of me nice looking Diavola. The taste was also top level, especially the mozzarella was excellent. The salami could have been a bit spicier for my taste, as that what I was expecting when ordering Diavola.

All in all, this comes clearly to my top 3 pizza places in Helsinki. Number one is still being held by Via Tribunali and on third place would be Daddy Greens’. Although shame on me, I haven’t tried Capperi yet.

Good pizzas come with a price of a good pizza, Diavola 15.5€ (+1 € for water).





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