Helsinki, Finland

Somehow over a year has passed since I first started to hear talks about this amazing Neapolitan pizza place. Well, now we found a suitable moment to take a bus ride to Oulunkylä to see what the fuzz is all about.

We were surprised to find the place packed at 6.30 pm on Wednesday evening, luckily we had a reservation. However, soon we found ourselves sitting at the table browsing through the menu.

For starters we selected Straccetti Napoletani (Fried pizza squares, Piennolo tomatoes, Calabrian salami, mozzarella and fresh basil). Superb ingredients, can’t go wrong with that. A bit pricey though (18€ for 4 persons), as mostly the plate was full of pizza bits.

As usual, my choice for pizza was Diavola (14€). They had two options, Calabrese and Bianca, I chose the first one. Compared to the other ones I’ve tasted in Helsinki, this one was a bit different. A bit thicker dough, but same time a lot juicier with the toppings (some might not enjoy that in a pizza, but this time it did not bother me). So different, but hard to to choose if the pizza was better or worse than for example Luca’s (

But as an overall experience Capperi was better. That said, this time I had some Lambrusco for start and some red wine to go with the pizza. Not to forget limoncello and espresso (while at Luca’s main idea was to get stomach full before a football match).

And the booze put a side, what I really enjoyed was a chat with the owner(?) Miquel. You could really capture his passion to serve good food made from the best ingredients.

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