Wine & Chef


We were on a need of some dinner without having a reservation and decided to stroll on Keong Saik Road until finding something we like. Kok Sen was packed ( so we walked on until Wine & Chef.

They advertise themselves as “Hokkien-inspired (a Chinese dialect tradition) dishes that contain essence of Italian style” and thinking of Italian restaurant with some Asian twist gives you pretty good idea of their menu,

The place was full, but extremely polite and friendly waiter told that we could dine at outside table and move in as soon as something is available. Being evening, it was not too hot anymore, so we chose this option.

Started off with some decent prosecco (9 SGD, not bad) while browsing through the menus. After still being quite full after late lunch, decided to go only with a main. I chose soy and coriander cured salmon “risotto” (20 SGD) So it is not actually with rice but barley with mascarpone. The salmon was topped with some roe and the portion looked really nice, I was almost tempted to take a photo of it. Salmon was top-notch and barley really good, although it was as hot as I would have wished. As only minority of the table were having wine, went with very reasonable priced house white (7 SGD).

Tasted a bite of beef cheek pasta and slow roast duck leg and they seemed to be very good choices as well. Actually we liked it so much that made a reservation for day after tomorrow again.


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