Two Men Bagel House


Wanted to have nice breakfast before exploring Gardens by the Bay (which are amazing, btw). I read some good reviews about a bagel place close by, so we headed there. The reviews proved to be correct and the staff was super funny and friendly with a smile on their face. They seemed to enjoy what they were doing.

I tasted Boca with rye bread (10 SGD), which had smashed avocado, eggs, tomatoes and feta. I don’t what kind of feta it was, but it tasted a little bit different from your normal feta but suited the bagel really well giving it a bit somehow salty and sour taste. Eggs were left soft, so the made the bagel really juicy.

Another one I tried was Avo-Baco with seeded bagel (11 SGD), with bacon, avocado, some greens, tomatoes, fried eggs and aioli. Also really good, but have to say I enjoyed the first one more and it suited as breakfast better (also being listed under breakfast bagels…).

Coffee was ok, nothing special (4 SGD). They also sold some Gorilla Press juices with 8 SGD.

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